Family Law Attorney

In New Jersey, the most common cases to go through the courts relate directly to Family Law. Family law is a comprehensive practice area, which covers Child Custody, Child Support, Paternity, Adoption, Grand Parents Rights, Prenuptial Agreements, Parental Rights & Liability and other legal issues relating to families. It also covers highly debated topics such as same-sex marriage and abortion rights, as well as covering criminal cases relating to child abuse and domestic violence.

Family law often requires a certain level of sensitivity, and our family law attorneys experienced in family matters will treat your case with the understanding and compassion it deserves.

Advice and Representation

As highly experienced and skilled family law attorneys, The Law Offices of Sangiovanni deliver trustworthy and reliable guidance and offer honest and precise advice. Our New Jersey based family and divorce lawyers can argue everything from the most complex divorce cases to family insurance. When it comes to family, quality legal advice should be your number one priority, as it is ours.

Who We Represent

We represent the best interests your family first – our family law specialists will represent you and your family in a range of issues like:

Child custody: We cover all types of child custody matters ranging from child support, custody arrangements, visitation, and post-divorce amendments.

Child Support: In NJ, because both parents have legal obligations to support their children financially, decisions in the interest of the child made in court will be based on parental income, dependent on the custody arrangement, or agreement. We offer advice and representation for all types of child support cases.

Paternity: Establishing paternity gives the court or state agency the right to decide if an individual is a child’s father, though paternity is also recognized with a voluntary parental agreement. When an agreement cannot be made as to who a child’s father is, a paternity case can be filed in the NJ Superior Court. Our services offer support, advice and representation in all types of paternity matters.

Adoption: New Jersey courts base all adoption decisions in the best interest of the child, and has given NJ the status of the adoption state. Everyone from single individuals, married couples and civil union partners can adopt children in New Jersey. We offer support, advice and representation in all types of adoption cases.

Grand Parents Rights: If a grandparent is denied the right to visit a grandchild, they have right to apply to the court for an order to force visitation. We offer grandparents support, advice and representation in all types of legal matters.

Parental Rights and Liability: We specialize in offering legal advice and solutions for parents both during pregnancy and after the birth of the child.

Divorce: We offer support, advice and representation in all types of in preparations for divorce, including property division, separation agreements, alimony, and more.

Prenuptial Agreements: Since NJ adopted the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act in 1988, the amount of prenups drafted has steadily increased. Our prenuptial specialists will make the whole process simple by offering support, advice and representation in all types of cases..

Family law Motions: When parties cannot come to an agreement on a family law issue, the filing of a motion is required.

At The Law Offices of Sangiovanni we strive to gain agreeable resolutions for all family law issues with the aim of preserving family relationships. 

As arbitration and mediation are the most effective means to resolve family difficulties, our Family Law attorneys will deliver helpful advice and representation to ensure your family protection is the priority. Contact us today to find out how we can help your family’s legal issues.